Books about Huron County History

Huron County Branch has proudly be part of publishing the first 2 books by David Yates. David Yates

Out of the Woods: Chronicles and Characters of Huron County

by David Yates Each short entry is filled with human interest and details that open a window to the county’s past and its characters. Arranged in chronological order – from the time of the region’s Indigenous people through to early settlement and finally to Canada’s coming of age during the Great War.

Out of the Blue: Further Discoveries in Huron County History

by David Yates ‘Out of the Blue’ is the second book chronicling the history of Huron County in vignette form, all originally appearing in various newspapers of Huron County during Yates’ time as a columnist. The pieces range from 1884 to the Royal Tour of 1939. 

That Freedom Might Survive

by David Yates David shares stories of those who served in Huron County, and those left behind. Explore the stories of how Huron supported the War effort…you may be surprised!

The Times of Our Lives

by David Yates In David’s latest book – the fourth of this group is an eclectic collection of almost 60 stories covering everything from Walt Disney’s famous visit to discover his Canadian roots in Huron County in 1947 through to the Goderich tornado in 2011.

David Yates Books Available at Fincher’s, The Book Peddler, The Blyth Citizen, Bayfield Village Book Shop, MyTy Books in Clinton, or contact David Yates [email protected]

Admiral Henry Wolsey Bayfield

by David Yates The Bayfield HIstorical Society & Archives (check link for ordering) have recently published a book on a Canadian historical figure who was instrumental in ensuring the safe navigation for emigration to Canada (Ontario and Quebec) in the 1800s.

The Book is 50 pages and in full color with photos, excerpts from journals of this period $15 and is done on quality paper stock. Henry Bayfield born 1795 in Norfolk, fought in the Napoleonic wars at the age of 11, and at 18 he was transferred to Canada to fend off the Americans. He stayed on in Canada and for 40 years surveyed the coastlines. He married and settled in Prince Edward Island and is buried there.
Henry spoke 5 Indigenous languages. Some of his surveys and maps were used up until GPS.

The Canada Company and the Huron Tract, 1826-1853 – Personalities, Profits and Politics

by Robert Lee – “Robert Lee has vividly recreated the personalities and the political intrigues that were part of the Canada Company’s operation – the largest one of its type in Ontario’s history. The most comprehensive work to date on this fascinating era, this book is eminently readable and a must-have for history lovers. – Ron Brown, author of Ghost Towns of Ontario

Onion Skins and Peach Fuzz: Memories of Ontario Farmerettes

by Bonnie Sitter – Bonnie tells the little-known story of young women who left their homes to work on farms during the Second World War to address the labour shortage from the war.

Agriculture Today: A Portrait of Family Farms in Ontario

By local authors Bonnie Sitter, Telfer Wegg and Fred Helwig – an informal coffee table style book that highlights families from around rural Ontario and  the farms they run. Not only does the book feature information about the featured families, it also includes detailed facts about farming and hundreds of pictures of farming culture. There are three parts to the book: livestock, crops, barns and silos, selected farms and snapshots of farm life.

The Beauty and Bounty of Huron County

Journey to the Heartland of rural Ontario to explore the diverse attractions of Huron County. Explore both celebrated and lesser known points as photographers David Bishop, Bonnie Sitter and Telfer Wegg share 169 of their favourite photographs from all areas of the County