Date your photos

There is nothing sadder than an old photo with no name and no one who can now identify those in the picture.  Even if people aren’t into looking at the pictures today, they probably will some day.  The best guarantee to save them from the dumpster is to put names on them.

Put names on your photos. Use pencil if possible as pen may bleed through – but just identify.

Scan old photos and put dates and names on them.  Send them by email or put what you have on a USB stick and give it to your siblings, your cousins – whoever.  It can be a gift!  That way, no matter what happens you, your computer or your home – you have copies elsewhere!

Please don’t stop at the “old” photos – most of us have our pictures in digital files.  Most of them have never been printed out. Put dates and names on each file. It won’t be long until our photos are the ones that someone is frustrated by, because they have no idea of who is in the picture.

Start small – have an hour? Just work on it bit by bit rather than get overwhelmed.