Family Reunions

Family Reunions are a great way to share family history.  Here are some ideas to incorporate into family get togethers. It is an excellent opportunity to get updated addresses/cell phone no and emails. You can even colour code name tags but what branch they are descended from.

Who do you think they are?

  • Poster size prints of great-great grandparents
  • Each person is given family tree print out with names
  • Individuals or teams guess what name belongs to each picture
  • Added feature – Can add on guess where the ancestor is from (had country flags – this helps people understand their cultural heritage)

Colouring pages for children – of family stories, with brief sentence or two about ancestor. You can have pictures of the countries family came from, immigration picture, maps – connect the dots from country of origin to where you live now, etc.

Bus tours – if you are organizing a big group – a bus tour with “tour guide” can go to places of interest (home farm, where ancestors worked, churches, schools, etc they went to, where they are buried). Along the route the family stories can be told. People can get off to have a look around if that is desirable.

If a bus tour is too daunting – put together a pamphlet with the locations clearly marked and the description of what is at each location and why it is significant. People can drive around in their own cars!

Memorial table – for Aunts and Uncles/ grandparents that have died – Put together write up of their lives and a little candle with their picture

Family tree put up using large pictures and plaque with name and dates