Huron Cemeteries

Where Huron County Cemeteries are located?

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Huron Cemetery Table – arranged in current municipal groups. Chart includes…date opened (or earliest death on a tombstone) – this info will save you looking for burials from an earlier time.  There may indeed have been an earlier burial, but there is no stone saying so. Some stones are burials earlier than when the cemetery opened – this often happened when stones were moved from another cemetery that was closing.

Ashfield Township
Christ Church AnglicanPort Albert 1859 land purchased 64 Drury Lane
DungannonCon. 4  Lot 111871 land purchased36847 Dungannon Road
GreenhillCon. 13  Lot 12 1901 first burial86511 Lucknow Line
Hope MethodistCon. 14 East Div., Lot 51856 earliest death36249 Amberley Road, Bruce Co Rd #86
KintailCon. 9  Lot 91890 first burial85276B Kintail Line
South LochalshCon. 14 West Div., Lot 6 1853 earliest death35293 Amberley Road, Bruce Co Rd #86
St. Joseph’s Roman CatholicC Front, Lot 131853 earliest death84675B Bluewater Hwy, Kingsbridge
Zion UnitedCon. 12  Lot 8187036673 Zion Road
Hackett’s Family CemeteryCon. 11  Lot 9 36698 Belfast Rd, Lucknow
Courries CornersCon.10 Lot 4  
Colborne Township
Colborne TownshipCon. 1  Lot 3 1875 land purchased36756 Saltford Road
St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Con. 1  Lot 31834?36729 Saltford Road
Varcoe Memorial CairnCon. 8  Lot 41860 – 1882Council Line – North of County Rd #25
Colborne EvangelicalCon. 1  Lot 81890 land purchasedLondesboro Rd, east of Sharpes Creek Line
Dunlop Tomb  81501 River Ridge Cres, Goderich
West Wawanosh 
West Wawanosh MemorialCon. 2  Lot 131854 earliest death37015 Hawkins Road
Bethel MethodistCon. 11  Lot 241864 earliest death38146 Belfast Road 
Donnybrook UnitedCon. 6  Lot 271862 earliest death38451 Glen’s Hill Road
St. Augustine Roman CatholicCon. 6  Lot 241857 earliest death84413 St. Augustine Line
St. Helen’sCon. 12  Lot 191854 earliest death86048 St. Helen’s Line 
Pioneer Cemetery (Purves)Con 14, Lot 18  
Hay Township
Fansville AbandonedCon. 5  Lot 211864 first burialNE corner Zurich-Hensall Rd & Fansville Line
Hay Amish MennoniteCon. 12  Lot 28187573394 Bronson Line
Babylon Line PioneerCon. 9  Lot 13186472233 Babylon Line
Dashwood Evangelical United BrethrenCon. 10  Lot 5186471598 Goshen Line (County Road #2)
Emmanuel EUB/Zurich UCCon. 13  Lot 171855 earliest death72587 Bronson Line
ExeterCon S Boundary  Lot 3186439650 Thames Road W. – County Road 83
HillsgreenCon. 8  Lot 28185773365 Parr Line
St. Peter’s Evangelical LutheranCon. 11  Lot 17188772471 Goshen Line, Zurich
St. Peter’s Roman CatholicCon. Lake Road  Lot 41866 earliest death73334 Bluewater Highway #21, St. Joseph
Zion LutheranCon. 12  Lot 9186471904 Bronson Line
Zurich MennoniteCon. 10  Lot 81861 earliest death71842 Goshen Line – County Road #2
St. Peter’s Lutheran old cemeteryCon 11 Lot 201860-188622 Goshen Line, Zurich
St. Boniface Roman CatholicCon 11 Lot 21187119 Mary St, Zurich (Church)
St. Boniface Roman Catholic (new)Con. 13  Lot 17 72587 Bronson Line
Stanley Township
Baird’s AnglicanCon. 4  Lot 211857 earliest death39254 Roman Road
Bayfield PublicCon. BRN  Lot 5-7186135102 Mill Road – County Road #3
Bayfield MemorialCon. BRN  Lot 101851Mill Road – County Road #3
Brucefield Presbyterian (Ross)Con. 1  Lot 141843 earliest death75449 London Road – Highway #4
Varna United Con. BRN  Lot 18 or 19185975820 Parr Line
Central Huron
Goderich Township
Holmesville MemorialCon. Maitland   Lot 841840 earliest death535 Holmes Street, Holmesville
Maitland Con. Maitland   Lot 41858 land purchased35454 Huron Road – Highway #8
Hullett Township
Ball`s MethodistCon. 11 Lot 41185782228 Baseline Road – County Rd. #8
Blyth UnionCon. 14 Lot 26188182781 Cemetery Road
Burn`s UnitedCon. 10 Lot 12186041109 Londesboro Road
Clinton PublicCon. 3 Lot 251861 first burial40046 Hydro Line Road
Ebenezer Bible ChristianCon. 10 Lot 33185739269 Londesboro Road
German Evangelical LutheranCon. 14 Lot 34187239227 Blyth Road (County Road #25)
Hope ChapelCon. 13 Lot 33 & 341859 earliest death39226 Hullett McKillop Road
Kinburn/ConstanceCon. 6 Lot 6 185741525 Summerhill Road
Londesborough UnitedCon. 10 Lot 261856 first known burial234 London Road (County Rd #4)
St. Joseph`s Roman CatholicCon. 5 Lot 211860s40398 Conservation Road
Hunter Abandoned MethodistCon. 9  Lot 131863 Land purchased44738 Harriston Road – Hwy. #87
Old SotheranCon. 6  Lot 191860On south side of Gough Road west of Fordwich
Hayden’s Wesleyan MethodistCon. 2  Lot 14186444899 Creamery Rd west of Toll Gate Rd
Wroxeter AnglicanCon. A  Lot 271860sAt Queen Street and Church Street, Wroxeter 
Harris/Howick Baptist AbandonedCon. 3  Lot 23187545468 Creamery Road
Wroxeter PresbyterianCon. A  Lot 271859At Queen Street and Church Street, Wroxeter 
Brethren in ChristCon. 3  Lot 23188445370 Creamery Road
CliffordCon. 18  Lot 33188646302 Elora Street, Clifford
Fordwich PublicCon. 7  Lot 20  1876West end of Station Road in Fordwich
Gorrie PublicCon. 8  Lot 5  18772052 Alma Street, Gorrie
LakeletCon. 16  Lot 17188344924 Lakelet Road
RedgraveCon. 8  Lot 31188246111 Harriston Road – Hwy. #87
Trinity Evangelical LutheranCon. 14  Lot 29187945941 Howick-Turnberry Road
Wroxeter PublicCon. B  Lot 251864 earliest death, but Active 1900s43172 Harriston Road – Hwy. #87
Lakelet Old Order Mennonite  Con. 17  Lot 18195544924 Lakelet Road
Abandoned Evangelical Lutheran CemeteryCon 14, Lot 281887 land purchased45941 Howick-Turnberry Road
MolesworthCon. C Lot 291860 earliest death43632 Amberley Road – Highway #86
Fordwich PresbyterianCon. 6  Lot 201860sOn Fordwich Line & Helena Street
Porterfield Congregational PioneerCon 13, Lot 31 NE Corner of Mud Lake & Salem Rds
Huron East
Grey Township
St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Con. 12  Lot 1191584240 County Road #12
Mount Pleasant/EthelCon. 7  Lot 21191185344 Mount Pleasant Road
Knox Presbyterian Cranbrook Con. 11  Lot 151858 first burial84343 McNabb Line
Wesleyan Methodist Con 9, Lot 201865Just west of 44264 Newry
McKillop Township
St. James Roman CatholicCon. 1  Lot 22189343048 Huron Road – Highway #8
Zion EvangelicalCon. 8  Lot 31873 earliest death44640 Winthrop Road – County Road #17
MaitlandbankCon. 3  Lot 271879 earliest burial42636 Hydro Line Road
Providence Wesleyan MethodistCon. 8 Lot 15 SE corner of Winthrop Rd and Maple Line
Scott family pioneerCon 2, Lot 32  
Tuckersmith Township
Ross Free Presbyterian Con. 1  Lot 251852 earliest death74836 London Road – Highway #4
Egmondville CemeteryCon. 2, Lot 111846 earliest deathBayfield St and Church St. – No 911 Address
Harpurhey Cairn & CemeteryCon. 1  Lot 151847Harpurhey Road 
Turner`s UnitedCon. 3  Lot 291839 earliest death41285 Front Road
Huronview CairnCon. 1, Lot 501896 earliest death77722 London Road – behind Health Unit 
Morris Township 
Bethel CemeteryCon. 5  Lot 61864 earliest death40659 Brandon Road
Brussels UnitedCon. 7  Lot 301861 earliest burial84227 Brussels Line – County Road #12
McCrae’s CemeteryCon. 5  Lot 21862 earliest deathEast end of Jane Street, Belgrave
St. John’s  (aka McCutcheon Ang)Con. 7  Lot 24186042099 Cranbrook Road
Browntown (Jewitt)Con. 2  Lot 141866near 41294 Browntown Rd
SunshineCon. 5  Lot 101854 earliest death84757 Martin Line
St. Michael`s Roman CatholicCon. 7  Lot 12185341138 St. Michael’s Road
Turnberry Township
BluevaleCon. 1  Lot 291860 earliest death80 Bell Street, Bluevale
Morris/ McBurneyCon. 6  Lot 41860 first burial42349 Salem Road
WinghamCon. 9  Lot 261866 earliest burial90397 Holmes Line or 39808 North Street West
Mulvey`sCon. C  Lot 51863-1867N.W.corner of Belmore Line & Glenannon Road
North Huron
East Wawanosh Township
Blyth Anglican (Potter’s)Con. 1  Lot 411881 – 1929At west end of North Street, Blyth 
Deacon’s MemorialCon. 11  Lot 331860 – 193985775 Marnoch Line
Westfield (McVitties)Con.4  Lot 331865 earliest death – 194083878 Hoover Line 
Blyth Memorial CairnCon. 10  Lot 21863 earliest death295 Dinsley Street , Blyth
Brandon/Belgrave Con. 9  Lot 42188485381 London Road – County Road #4
South Huron
Stephen Township
Bethesda Methodist AbandonedCon. 8  Lot 81869 earliest deathBabylon Line – No 911 Address 
 Hick’s Bible ChristianCon. 1  Lot 21854 earliest deathVictoria Drive , Centralia
Fairfield UnitedCon. 2  Lot 51850 earliest death69594 Airport Line 
Crediton Evangelical U.B. Con. 7  Lot 111852 earliest deathCounty Rd 10, No 911 Address
Our Lady of Mount CarmelCon. SBC  Lot 241823 earliest death69227 Bronson Line
Usborne Township
Bethesda -Bible ChristianCon. 3  Lot 26185671640 Morrison Line
Canada PresbyterianCon. SE Boundry  Lot 5186270411 Union Line (Line # 10)
Ebenezer MemorialCon. 2  Lot 16185670821 Morrison Line
EdenCon. 3  Lot 5   1862Corner of Morrison Line and  Side Rd 5 – No 911 Address
Elimville United/Bible ChristianCon. 6  Lot 10186570359 Elimville Line
Hensall UnionCon. 1  Lot 351852 earliest death40219 Rogerville Road
Kirkton UnionCon.5 SE Boundry  Lot 51900s on70411 Union Line (Line # 10)
McTaggart’sCon. 6  Lot 30185340921 Oak Line (County Road #17)
Old MethodistCon.5,  Boundary  Lot 91850 earliest death70369 Highway 23
St. Paul’s Anglican KirktonCon. SE Boundary  Lot 91855 earliest death70369 Highway 23
Thames Road UnitedCon. 6  Lot 101852 earliest death71209 Elimville Line
Zion MethodistCon. 8  Lot A1853 earliest death41587 Park Road

Are all cemeteries in Huron County transcribed?

The Huron County Branch, Ontario Ancestors (OA) has transcriptions of 116 Huron County Cemeteries.  This was done as part of a larger project of the Ontario Genealogical Society or OA that involved the identification and transcription of all burial grounds in the province.  Hours and hours of volunteer work went into this project, going stone to stone, transcribing all wording on the stones, and seeking stones almost buried.  All work was indexed.  Thankfully, this work was done in the late1980s as many stones have since become unreadable.  All transcriptions are available for download

We transcribed all known stones with names in Huron County in the 1980’s.  Much effort was put into finding all cemeteries at that time. 

I can’t find a tombstone!

When the map of 1880 Huron County is examined closely, there are cemeteries noted that no longer exist.  Some we know had bodies and/or tombstones moved to larger cemeteries.  Sadly, some cemeteries were not maintained or were leveled before laws to protect cemeteries existed.  We have heard that some families had small family burial plots on their land.  Few of these are known and/or exist today.  It may even be that a stone was not put up. Even though we have better laws around protection of cemeteries, cemeteries are under threat of developers, theft, vandalism, etc.  Please let us an authority know if you know of problems with existing cemeteries.

Why keep these cemetery transcriptions when there are online cemetery resources now to find tombstones?

These transcriptions were done in the 1980s.  Sadly, there are old stones transcribed in those years that are no longer legible.  This record may be the only source of an older burial for your family. 

Transcribers were asked to record all wording on the stones.  Although as genealogists, we often focus on the dates provided, it was in the small print it might mention place of origin (i.e. native of Fermanagh, Ireland).  Sometimes this is the only clue of county in another country.

The “maker” of the stone is usually mentioned.  This is a clue to where the family might have had ties.  For instance, it is worth checking why a family in Huron had the tombstone shipped from Hamilton.  There could be many reasons. The verses put on stones cost more money.  They were obviously important to the grieving families to put on the stone.  They would have been chosen with care. 

Will transcriptions be updated?

We have decided not to do updates at this point. We feel the photography of the newer stones and the online cemetery pages provide the genealogist with good data. We encourage all to participate with photographing Huron County Cemeteries to add to the Canadian Headstones and Find A Grave and other sites.