The digitization of historical Huron County newspapers from microfilm and hard copy holdings is an ongoing longterm project undertaken by the Huron County Library and Huron County Museum. Public access to newspapers is limited by copyright (current to 50 years after death of publisher); newspapers with current copyright restrictions will not be posted online without the permission of the publisher.  Newspapers on microfilm are still available at Huron County Library branches, including more recent issues of local weeklies.

Note: Missing issues reflect gaps in the original microfilm or newsprint collections scanned.

The following digitized Huron County newspapers are now available to search online (Feb 2020): Link

The Blyth Standard, 1893-1982The Clinton New Era, 1874-1921
The Wingham Times, 1882; 1885-1916The Clinton News Record, 1898-1945
The Wingham Advance, 1889, 1893, 1902-1921Huron Gazette (Goderich), 1848-1849
The Huron Signal (Goderich), 1848-1936Seaforth News, 1917-1962
The Exeter Advocate, 1888-1924The Seaforth Sun, 1901
The Exeter Times, 1873-1924The Wingham Advance Times, 1922-1935
The Exeter Times Advocate, 1925-1926; 2002; 2004-2008Zurich Herald, 1900-1917; 1919-1957
The Brussels Post, 1884-1929Zurich Citizen’s News, 1958-1978
The Huron Expositor (Seaforth), 1869-1980; 2013-2016 The East Huron Gazette (Gorrie), 1892-1892
The Gazette (Mildmay), 1893-1894The Wroxeter Star, 1900; 1902-1904
The Goderich Star, 1868-1933The Citizen (Blyth/Brussels), 2015-2018
Dungannon News, 1915Goderich Reporter, 1880
The Huron Loyalist, 1850, 1853 Bayfield Breeze, 2009-2018
The Wroxeter Planet, 1909Greater Goderich, 1918
The Huron News-Record, 1888-1897The Huron Record, 1881
The Lucknow Sentinel, 1875-1940; 2013-2016The Goderich Illustrated Signal-Star, 1889
The Bayfield Post, 1981-1982The Bayfield Bulletin, 1964-1968
The Fordwich Record, 1901, 1935