Online books about Huron

There are some older local history books available online. These are some we know of – if you know of others, let us know [email protected]

Our Roots / Our Future Our Past collections migrated to a new platform and is at University of Calgary Digital Collections: Link Here On this site you can find the following. The site is searchable, so put in your family name and search. Helpful to find those who “went west.”

  • The story of Seaforth: a history by Isabelle Campbell 1966
  • Township of Stanley History 1836-1986 by Stanley History Committee
  • The History of Exeter, Ontario by Joseph L. Wooden 1973
  • The History of Stephen Township by Susan Muriel Mack 1992
  • From Forest to Thriving Hamlets by Isabelle Campbell 1968 (hamlets around Seaforth)
  • The pioneers of old Ontario by W. L. Smith 1923 (chapter Up Bruce and Huron Way)
  • A history of McKillop by Mrs Joseph Grummett 1967