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Dutch Roots?

Post WWII saw a significant immigration of people from the Netherlands to Huron Co (and SW Ontario) and their contributions to Huron are well known. We are pleased to have a webinar on 8th of January 2022 for those searching their Dutch roots in the Netherlands!

Treaty people

On July 10, 1827 Upper Canada Treaties signed Treaty #29 with Wawanosh, Osawip, Shashawinibisie, Puninince, Negig, Cheebican, Mukatwokijigo, Mshikinaibik, Animikince, Peetawtick, Shawanipinisse, Saganash, Anottowin, Penessiwagum, Shaioukima, Chekateyan, Mokeetchiwan and Quaikeegon, Chiefs and Principal Men of that part of the Chippewa Nation. In 1836 Treaty #45 1/2 was signed with the Saukin peoples. To read more https://www.rcaanc-cirnac.gc.ca/eng/1370372152585/1581293792285#ucls21