County Atlas Digital Project Author: McGill University Libraries

A searchable database of the property owners’ names which appear on the township maps in the county atlases. Township maps, portraits and properties have been scanned, with links from the property owners’ names in the database.

Between 1874 and 1881, approximately forty county atlases were published in Canada, covering counties in the Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec. Thirty-two of these atlases were produced for Ontario by the following five companies: H. Belden & Co. (17); H.R. Page & Co. (8); Walker & Miles (5); J.H. Meacham & Co. (1); H. Parsell (1). Two types of county atlases exist for Ontario, those which covered a single county or multiple adjacent counties, and those which were published as supplements to Dominion of Canada atlases. In total, 40 Ontario counties were covered by these 32 atlases.

Link to Huron Co Map


First Nations and Treaties Map


1850 Tallis Map of West Canada


Huron County Townships from about 1866 to 1998
Huron County Townships and major towns (1866-1998)

Map of Huron County Cemeteries and GPS locations

1950 – RG 1-707 Ministry of Natural Resources topographic map. Great map for finding villages from the past! Please Click Here

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – topographical map – when you zoom in shows Lot and Concession numbers