Huron Branch Goals

Our Branch goals are to:

  • promote, encourage and foster the study of genealogy and original genealogical research in the Branch’s geographical area and the Huron Tract;
  • collect and preserve information, books, manuscripts, charts, maps, photographs, microfilms and related material relevant to genealogical study;
  • encourage and instruct members in the ethical principles, scientific methods and effective techniques of genealogical research;
  • publish and distribute books, bulletins, and other material as may be desirable to further the foregoing objects of the Branch; and
  • raise funds for any of the foregoing objects and to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests;
  • support “organizations” external to The Society and within the Branch’s geographical area which have a shared interest in genealogy and family history.

Our 2022 Goals, based on feedback from our membership survey are:

  • Increase records scanned, indexed, and uploaded to our member’s only website
  • Continue recording speakers and make recordings available on members only every month of 2022, January to Nov.  Once public meetings allowed, will hold hybrid meetings.
  • Hold a joint meeting with the Huron County Historical Society if restrictions are lifted in Aug 2022
  • Downsize our Library collection so it will be ready for moving
  • Increase membership by 5%
  • Support the Huron Co Library & Museum Digitized Newspaper Project