Family Histories

Huron County Branch is grateful for those who entrust their family histories to our Library. We welcome and encourage people to donate a copy to our collection. The following family histories are in our collection.

Family histories can be viewed in our Library and an individual can copy up to 10 pages, but not the entire document. If you wish the entire document, you can contact the author. Credit should be given to the author.

Name Title
Aberhart      Family Tree And Descendents of William Aberhart 1844-1910
Aberhart History & Descendants of Wm. Aberhart
Adcock The Adcock Family of Middlesex County
Aitken  Our Aitken Family Tree (1992)
Aitken -Wilson -Moss Family Tree of Aitken-Wilson-Moss (1972)
Aldrich Descendants of Moses and Abigail (Williams) Aldrich
Aldworth Aldworth Family
AllanThe Allan Family Tree
AllinAllin Family Charts
Alton Daniel and Agnes (Ruttle) Alton 1847-1983
Ament – KabelAment/Kabel Family Bible Pages
AndersonThomas Anderson
AndrewThe Andrew Family
AndrewsFamily Records of Hezekiah & Yatty (Earls) Andrews Rev. 1999
AndrewsFamily Record of Hezekiah and Yatty (Earls) Andrews
AndrewsThe Andrews Family: “The Spirit Lives On” 1777-1997
AngstAngst Family Tree
ArbucklesThe Arbuckles of East Wawanosh
ArkellThe Descendants of John Arkell
Armstrong Descendants of Rainey Armstrong
BagshawCharts of Descendants of William and Sarah (Bolton) Bagshaw
BagshawBagshaw Family Tree
BailieDescendants of William Bailie
BakerHarry Baker: My Memoirs
BakerThe Robert Baker Story
Bannister -FreemanThe Chainmakers – History of the Bannister & Freeman Family
BarrettThe Barrett Newsletters 1980-1984
Barron/McKillopThe North American Descendants of William Cowie; Vol. 1
CowieThe North American Descendants of William Cowie; Vol. 2
CrichThe History of the Crich Family
CrooksCrooks Family Tree of Huron County
Curtis – SwalesCurtis & Swales Families In East Yorkshire & Canada
CuthbertsonJohn And Elizabeth (Murdoch) Cuthbertson
DarkDark Family Pedigree
DavidsonDavidson Society of Canada Newsletter
DavidsonAbraham & Martha Davidson
DavidsonAbraham and Martha Davidson
DenommeOur French Canadian Ancestry; Denomme 1631-19S2
DenommeOur French Canadian Ancestry; Denomme 1631-1990
DevereuxChronology of John and Elenor Devereux
DickDescendants of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth (Schaeffer) Dick
DicksonsThe Dicksons In North America 1833-1982
Disney – GrantDisney and Grant Families
DobieDecendants of James and Agnes (Brown) Dobie
Donely – BowyerDonely/Bowyer Families
DonnellyThe Donnelly Tragedy 1880-1980
DorranceThe History of the Dorrance Famuly 1822 – 2000 Rev. 2001
Down – WoolridgeDescendants of Down & Woolridge
DowzerDescendants of Michael Dowzer 1804-1867
DreanyDescendants of Henry Dreany 1795-1875
DriverDriver Family
DuffieldDuffield Family
DuffieldA Duffield History
DunlopDescendants of Robert Dunlop
DunlopFrom Greenock to Goderich The Dunlops of Gairbraid
DupuisNathan Fellowes Dupuis and His Family
Dyer – BuswellDyer-Buswell Families
EaglesEagles Families of North America
EcclestonGeorge Eccleston: Meet Me at the Lakeview Casino
EldersThe Elders of West Calder
Elliott/TurnerDecendents of James Elliott
EnglandDescendants of the Late Eliza England of Mountrath, Queen County,Ireland
FalconerRedpath and Ann Falconer
FeaganFeagan Family History 1836-1981
FeeThe Decendants of Edwardc Fee Sr.
FenwickThe Fenwick Family Genealogy
FergusonDescendants of John and Agnes (Angus) Ferguson
FergusonDuncan Ferguson of Yarmouth
FerrierGenealogy of David and Elizabeth (Butts) Ferrier
FerrierGenealogy of David and Elizabeth (Butts) Ferrier
FischerChristopher Fischer Files
FischerSupplement to Fischer Family History
FischerFischer Family History
FischerFischer’s: Germany to Huron County
FischerJacob Fischer c. 1743-May 11, 1827
FlynnThe Flynn Family Tree
Ford – BlakeGeorge Ford and Richard Blake
ForrestGeorge Forrest
ForrestThe Forrests (Stanley Twp.)
ForrestsThe Forrests (Stanley Township)
FraserDescendants of John Fraser
FreemanFreeman Footnotes Vol. 4 (1984)
FreezeWillim Freeze and His Descendants
FyfeA History of the John Fyfe Family
GalbraithGalbraith Settlers
GerrieGerrie Family Charts
GildersThe Gilders, lewis, Postlethwaite, Weibeck, Gottsckalk & Holz Families
GledhillWard Gledhill of Benmiller
Good – GovierGood and Govier Roots
Gordon – LowryThe Gordons and the Lowrys
GormonThe Gormon Family of Stanley Township
GrahamRobert John & Ellen Marie (Love) Graham
GrahamThe Graham Family Tree: Edward & Ada (Hand) Graham
GrahamThe Biography of Pilot David J. Graham
GrahamRobert J. Graham, Autobiography: For God Country & the Church in Canada
GreenwayThe Family of the Hon. Thomas Greenway, MPP 1838 – 1909
GreenwayThe Family of the Hon. Thomas Greenway, MPP 1838 – 1908
GreenwayThomas Greenway
GregsonJohn Gregson Pedigree
GrieveWilliam & Son James Grieve
HabkirkWm. Habkirk and His Wandering Descendants
HackettAndrew and Jane Hackett Family
HackettJoseph and Ellen Hackett Family
HagyardDescendants of Thomas and Elizabeth (Longman) Hagyard
Hall, McKercherFamily History of the Hall, McKercher, Sparling, Murdie; Stewart Families
HamiltonRev. George Hamilton
Hand – GrahamAda Elizabeth Hand and Edward Graham
HanfordOur Handford Family 1808-1987
HarganThe Hargan Lineage: John & Mary (Cluff) Hargan
HarrisHarris Family Tree
HayterHayter Family
HeimbeckerHeimbecker Family Tree: John & Matilda (Myers) Heimbecker
HermanThe Herman Family
HessionHession’s of Clinton, Ontario and Ireland
Hewitt – AndersonHewitt-Anderson Family Charts
Hill – McDougallThe Hill’s and McDougall’s In Manitoba
Hingston – HallThe Hingston-Hall Family Tree
HoganThomas & Mary Ann (Austin) Hogan Families
HolmesOld’ John Holmes and His Descendants
HoodFamily History ofWm. Hood 1834-1922
HorneyDescendants of William and Henry Horney
ImlayDescendants of Patrick Imlay
IrvineArnold Irvine Pedigree
Irwin Mckenzie SalmonLife of Wm. Jos. Irwin, Annie McKenzie, Harry Salmon of Muskoka
IvisonDescendants of Henry Ivison
JackmanHenry N.R. Jackman: His Emigrant Ancestors
JackmanJackman – The Emigrant Ancestors of a Lt. Governor of Ontario
JacksonThe Story of John and Hannah Jackson
JarvisJarvis Ancestry
JarvisThe History of Edwin & Eliza (Emack) Jarvis & Their Descendants
JenkinsWilliam Jenkins Family Charts
JenkinsWilliam Jenkins Family Charts
JervisThe Jervis Clan
JewellThe Jewell Family Tree – 1971 Edition
JewellThe Jewell Family Tree – 1971 Edition
JohnThe Johns Family Tree
JohnstonJohnston Family History
JohnstonThe Johnston Journey
JohnstonRural Rhymes of Love – Wm. Henry Johnston
JohnstonRural Rhymes of Love – Wm- Henry Johnston
JohnstonGeorge Carswell Johnston Notebook 1916-1919 Notebook
JohnstonJohnston/Nixon Family of Turnberry
JohnstonThe Johnstons
Johnston/eClan Johnston/e In America – Newsletter
Johnston/esThe “Gentle” Johnston/es
JuddWilliam W, and Ruth (Alley) Judd; Collection Index
JuppGeorge & Jennie (Fallis) Jupp: Pluck & Perseverance
JuppFamily History of George James and Anne Jane (Fallis) Jupp
Jupp – BurtonJupp-Burton Families
KaleJohn and Johanna (Moore) Kale
KedslieDescendants of John Kedslie
KellyThe Kellys: A Family History
Kerr A History of the Kerr Family
KeysThe Keys Family
KleinfeldtKleinfeldt Family Tree 1862 – 2001
KlockMy German Ancestors – Klock – Starhing
KnechtelKnechtel Family Tree
KnightThe Knight Family of Huron County
KnightCharles and Caroline Knight
LaddJohn and Jane Ladd Family
LaidlawThe House of Laidlaw
LaithwaiteThe Concrete Staues of Apple Park: A Laithwaite Legacy
LaithwaiteGeorge and Mary (Croft) Laithwaite Family Charts
LambkinA Lambkin Family Lineage
LambkinA Lambkin Family Lineage 1730-1989
Lambkin Lambkin Family Tree
LamportLamport Family Picture Album
LamportHenry and Elizabeth (Clarke) Lamport
LamportLamport Family History
LawsonDescendants of John and Ann (Branscombe) Lawson
LawsonA Lawson Lineage from Huron County
LeechFamily Tree of Richard and Barbara (Webster) Leech
LehmanAbraham Lehman
LinkThe Link Family Newsletter- 6 issues
Livermore, ChurchillLivermore, Churchill, and Tabb Families
Livermore, ChurchillNotes on Livermore, Churchill, Tabb, Morrish Family Connections
LivingstoneLivingstone Family
LobbGeorge and Mary Lobb
LockwoodLockwood – Frederick
LomasElias and Anna Lomas Lineage
LomasElias and Anna Lomas Lineage 1987
LongmanThe Longman Connection: 150 Years
LongmanThe Longman Connection: 150 Years
LoveSamuel and Eliza Love
LoveHugh and Joanna (Young) Love
Love – GrahamEllen Marie Love and Robert John Graham
Lundquist – WilkinsonLundquist & Wilkinson
MacLeodThe Blackhouse Families
MacLeodThe Blackhouse Families
Maine – WeberMaine /Weber Pedigree
MairMair Family Tree 1820-1978
ManningWilliam and Grace (Hopkins) Manning Family
MarriottThe Marriott Family
Marshall – CrozierMarshall and Crozier
MartinThe Martin Familt
MasseMasse Family Tree
MathersThe Mathers Family Tree (Stephen Twp.)
McAshClan McAsh 1792-1989
McCallumArchie McCallum & Fanny Watson A Weavers Pretty Daughter
McCandlishRobert McCandlish
McCannMcCann’s and Hamilton’s Family Tree
McCluskey/McCluskyMcCluskey/McClusky Families of Goderich Twp.
McCowanThe McCowan Family of Stanley Township 1789-1995
McCraeSome McCrae’s of Southern Scotland and Ontario
McCurdyArchibald and Jennie (Jameson) McCurdy Family
McCurdyDonald McCurdy
McCurdyArchibald McCurdy & Margaret McCurdy
McDoleMcDole Family Tree
McDonaldThe McDonald Fmily
McDonaldA McDonald Family Lineage: Robert & Mary (Munroe) McDonald
McDougallThe McDougall Family
McDowellMcDowell Pedigree
McGill The McGill Family of Huron County
McGillRichard and Jane (Colgan) McGill Family Tree
McGinnis – McInnesFrom McGinnis to Mclnnes
McGrathMcGrath Family Story
McGregorGenealogy Report on the Children of Alexander McGregor
McGregorThe History of the McGregor Family 1800 – 2000
McIlveenThomas Arthur and Louisa Isabella (Aitken) Mcllveen
McIntyreMclntyre Family Lineage
McKayMcKay Pedigree
McKellarMcKellar Family Tree
McKenzie – DicksonMcKenzie and Dickson Fmilies
McKinnonThe McKinnon Family Tree
McLauchlinMcLauchlin Family History
McLauchlinThe McLauchlin Family History
McLeanMcLean Family
McLeodJames and Sarah (Fisher) McLeod
McMichaelMcMichael Family
McPhersonClan McPherson of Scotland and Canada
McQuarrieDescendants of John McQuarrie
McTavishFrom the United Kingdom They Came
McVeetys – McVitties The McVeetys and the McVitties
Mellick Mellick Family Tree
Menckg) MenckDescendants of John Jacob and Mary (Wittin
Mennell Mennell Pedigree
MeyerA Brief History of the Meyer Family
MilnesThe Milnes
MinerHarry Garnet Bedford Miner
Mitchell, Higgins, ParrMitchell, Higgins, Parr and Lawson Book
Mitchell, Higgins, ParrThe Mitchell, Higgins, and Parr Book
MorganThe Family of Florence Myrtle Morgan
MorganThe Family of Florence Myrtle Morgan
MorganGeorge and Ann (Haskett) Morgan
MorganThe Family of Florence Myrtle Morgan
MorrisMorris Family Reseach Papers
MorrisonDescendants of Archibald Morrison Sr.
MorrittDescendants of Benjamin Morritt
MoylanThe Moylan Family
Mueller, Muller, MillerMueller/Muller/Miller of Dashwood
MurphyThe Murphy Family Tree
MurrayWilliam Murray 1829-1913
MurrayThe Fruitful Shepherd, James Murray 1703-1997
MurrayWilliam Murray Family
MustardWilliam Mustard
MutchGenealogy of the Mutch Family
Nash – CooperNash and Cooper Family Charts
NeebNeeb Family History
NeilDescendents of Mary Jane Arneil (Neil Family)
NellesAndrew Nelles: A New Canadian, 1798
NeuschwangerIndex to Neuschwanger from Germany to North America
NeuschwangerNeuschwanger from Germany to North America
NicholsonThomas and Hannah Nicholson
Nolles – NellisWillem Nolles: Ancestors of the Nelles and Nellis Families of N. A.
Nudent – Currell The Nugent-Currell Family
O’ConnellJohn Joseph O’Connell
OeschDaniel and Barbara Oesch Family History
OgdenOgden Family Lineage
OkeOke Family
OkeSamuel Hart Oke
OldOld Family History
OliverOliver Family Charts
OliverOliver Family Charts
OrrDescendants of Johnstone Orr
OsbaldestonOsbaldeston Book 1 
OsbaldestonOsbaldeston Book 2 
OsborneCheryl Osborne Pedigree
OtterAlfred Otter
OvensOvens Family Tree
PaisleyIndex to The Paisley Family Society
PaisleyThe Paisley Family Society
PaniPani Family
ParishParish Family Tree
Peck – McClincheyIndex for Peck-McClinchey-Rouatt Saga
Peck – McClincheyPeck-McClinchey-Rouatt Saga
PepperPepper Connection
PerrieThe Perrie Family Tree
Phillips/ClarkDecendents of Edaward Phillips
PipeScrapbook Collection of Mrs. Lloyd Pipe
Plath -Lenhart -HankinPlath-Lenhart-Hankin Family History
PlummersThe Plummers of County Wexford, Ireland and Ontario, Canada
PlumsteelPlumsteel Family Deeds 1883 – 1956
PoleFrederick Francis Pole’s Family
ProcterAncestors and Descendants of Abraham Procter
ProcterAncestors and Descendants of Charles Procter
PurvisDescendants of Andrew Purvis
PymThe Pym Family
QuickQuick Family 1991
QuickQuick Family 1991
QuirkThe Murder of James Quirk
RandRand Pedigree
RapsonRapson Family Tree
ReaRapson Family Tree
ReaRapson Family Tree
ReidReids of Kilbirnie, Scotland and Seaforth, Ontario
ReidSome Reids With Huron County Connectios
ReidCarnagat: The Reid Family Story
ReidReid Family of Stanley Township
ReiffReiff to Riffe Family in America ol. 2
ReithWillim and Susannah (Blackwell) Reith Family
RichFamily History of William Bennett Rich
RifeSamuel Rife
Rife – TroyerDavid Rife (Reiff) and Michael Troyer
RoseRose Family Tree
RossThe History of William Ross and His Wives and Their Descendants
RossMemoirs of John Ross of Brucefield
RossMemoirs of John Ross of Brucefield
RossThe Ross Family
RossAlexander and Mary (Mustard) Ross
Ross – Hewitt – HarperRoss-Hewitt-Harper Families
RutherfordRutherford Family Tree
RyckmansRyckmans of Hensall and Exeter Area
RyeRichard Rye 1825-1915
RyeRichard Rye’s Daily Diary 1864-1867
SalkeldJohn and Martha Salkeld
SchilbeSchilbes of Hay Township 1850’s to Present
SchmidtsDecendents of Blacksmiths
SchroederHarry A. Schroeder: A Farmer’s Collection of Prose and Poetry
ScotchmerScotcnmer Genealogy
Scott – DicksonScott and Dickson Families
Scott – DicksonScott and Dickson Families
SewardSeward and related Families
ShawDescendants of Captain Wm. Shaw
SherbrookJames and Elizbeth Sherbrook Charts
SherwoodSherwood of the Valley
ShobbrookJohn and Ann (Manning) Shobbrook
SholdiceThe Sholdice Family in Huron County
SimpsonJames Simpson Family
SimpsonSimpsons of Meadowvale
SkeltonSkelton: A Family History
SkeltonSkelton: A Family History
SmallSmall Family Lineage 1740-1985
SmalldonSmalldon-Stinson Family Charts
SmeltzersIrish-Palatine Smeltzers Around the World
SmeltzersSmeltzers Family Tree
SmilliesThe Smillies of Baflynahinch
SmithSmith Family History 1751 – 1992
SmithSmith Family History 1741-1992
SnellSnell’s Hullett Township
SnellSnell Reunions 1932-1986
Snell Snell Family Charts
SowdenThe Sowden Saga 1700-1969
SparlingThe Sparling Family History Vol. 1
StalkerThe Stalker Connection
StanburyThe Stanbury Family Tree
SteinbachSteinbach Family Charts
StelckDavid and Margaretha (Ballhorn) Stelck
StevenSteven’s Family
StewartSome Stewart Stories
StewartOur Stewart Family
StirlingStirling Family
StoddartThe John Stoddart Family 1790 – 2998
Storey Storey Pedigree Chart
StoreyWilliam Storey
Strachan – KirkStrachan-Kirk
StricklandStrickland Genealogy
StroudThe Children of John and Ann Stroud
SwitzerMartin Switzer
TabbThe Canadian Tabb Families 
TahanyJames A. Tahany Family Tree
TaylorThe Irish Taylor Family of Huliett Township
TaylorTaylor Family: England to Huron County
TaylorOur Taylor Ancestors
Taylor The Tales of the Taylors
TaylorCharts of John Wilkie Taylor 1867-1933
TaylorTaylor Family History 1818-1988
TebbuttFirst Tebbutt Family in Upper Canada 1841-1966
TennantTennant Family History
ThompsonThompson Family
Thompson – BradfordFamily Group Sheets of the Thompson/Bradford Families
ThomsonThomson History
Thornweed Thornweed/Thorweed Families
TieranTiernan Family History
TrainerThe Trainer Family
TraquairsChasing the Traquairs: Scotland & North America 1700’s – 2002
TroyerTroyer Family History
Tumbull -McDougallTumbull-McDougall-Campbell Families Histories
Turnbull – CampbellSketches ofTurnbull-Campbell-Cottle-MacDougall Families
TurnerTurner Pedigree
Van DonkersgoedHendrik Van Donkersgoed (in Dutch)
Van NormanThe Van Norman Genealogy
VincentVincent Family of Huron County
Vincent -JacksonVincent-Jackson-Bosman-Stephenson Roots
VosVos Family History
WalkerRobert Bruce Walker Autobiography
WallDescendants of Moses and Ellen (Greene) Wall
WalshJohn Walsh 1821-1873
WaltonHistory of the Walton Family
WarrenerWarrener Family
WatsonCarolyn H. Watson Pedigree
WebbWebb Pedigree
WebbAncestors of John Ferris Webb
WebsterDaniel and Eliza (Semple) Webster
WebsterThe Tipperary Websters
WheatleyJoseph and Ann Wheatley
WhilsmithGwyneyh J. Whilsmith: I Know God’s in Here Somewhere
WhiteGeorge and Ann Jane (McGurk) White Family of E. Wawanosh
WhitelyWhitely Families
WhitelyDescendeants of Andrew Whitely
WhitelyWhitely Family
WhitelyEdward Whitely
WhitfieldThe Descendants of Jacob and Margaret (Scott) Whitfield
WhitingWhiting Family History
WiddicombesThe Widdicombes of Canada 1857-1990
WildA Family called Wild
WillitsWillits Families of Upper Canada
WilsonA Wilson Family Lineage 1777 – 1997
WilsonA Wilson Family Lineage 1750-1985
WoodMargaret Wood’s Pedigree
WoodsWoods Family 1816 – 1973
WoodsWoods Family Tree
WorkmanWorkman Family History
WurmWurm Family of Hay Twp. 1800’s to Present
YeoJohn Yeo: A Short Account of My Voyage to and Travels in North America
YuillYuill Family Tree 1985
YuleYule Family Charts
ZellerZeller Family in Germany, Canada and U.S.A