Books about Huron County History

Huron County Branch has proudly be part of publishing 2 books by David Yates. David Yates

Out of the Woods: Chronicles and Characters of Huron County

by David Yates

Each short entry is filled with human interest and details that open a window to the county’s past and its characters. Arranged in chronological order – from the time of the region’s Indigenous people through to early settlement and finally to Canada’s coming of age during the Great War.

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Out of the Blue: Further Discoveries in Huron County History

by David Yates

Out of the Blue is the second of potentially three books chronically the history of Huron County in vignette form, all originally appearing in various newspapers of Huron County during Yates’ time as a columnist. The pieces range from 1884 to the Royal Tour of 1939. 

(L-R): David Yates, author, Colleen Maguire, Mike Smith, indexer, Kyle Vanderburg, graphic designer, Reg Thompson, proof-reader, Dwayne Rising, Printshop. KATHLEEN SMITH